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Summer 2013

MMA Fitness

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Are you planning on becoming a Firefighter or a part of the NYPD? Work together with Dawn and fully prepare yourself for your fitness exam with the experience and insight of a retired NYPD police officer! The NYPD exams are now given 5 days a week!

Military Training

Joining the armed forces? Better yourself and learn to better protect and serve with our experienced instructors, who can prepare you for the rigor of the military with thorough and intense training. Don't fall behind during boot camp!


You may have the grades, but are you fit? Your GPA is there, but is your body ready? If you are planning on applying to a Military Academy or College, we can help! We'll train hard to ensure your level of fitness matches your grades.

Sports Teams

Want to improve your game? Get into shape! Whether an individual athlete or an entire high-school sports team, at New Body Diesel we can help you attain your physical edge over the competition. Group classes are available for full teams.

Bridal Boot Camp

Look and feel great on the happiest day of your life! Through Bridal Boot Camp, we'll work your body into the best shape it's ever been, having you feeling healthy and looking great for your big day.


Have something else on your mind? Get ready for your sports season, or maybe for a triathlon or other event. Get yourself in shape before the season starts, and keep your edge during the season! Strengthen your core! Advanced body weight training with our TRX Straps. Train with us! We'll go just as hard as you do, to get and keep you in shape in order to achieve and surpass your goals.

Weekly Schedule

Summer 2017 Hours Are As Follows...

    Monday: 7:45am and 5:30pm
    Tuesday: 7:45am
    Wednesday: 7:45am
    Thursday: 7:45am and 5:30pm
    Friday: 7:45am
    Saturday: 8:15am

Personal Training Sessions are available any day, by appointment only. Contact Us To Make An Appointment.

Team Training is scheduled by team's availability to train together.